Thinner for oil-wax impregnating products

Thinner for Marbec oil-wax impregnating products: TIROIL, TUSCANIA OIL, OLIO41, FLUOIL, OLIO TECNO, OIL-WET.


DILUOIL is a solvent for the dilution of oleo-wax impregnating products and facilitating their absorption in low-porous materials..


✔ it can also be used to clean all the wooden surfaces soiled with greasy sub-stances or with soot and to do a superficial de-resination of resinous wood es-sences;

✔ it is indicated for the dilution of oil-wax impregnating products such as TIROIL, OIL TECNO, FLUOIL, OLIO 41, TUSCANIA OIL, WET OUT, OIL WET;

✔ it is indicated for extraordinary maintenance and recovery of floors treated with deteriorated oleo-wax impregnators;

✔ it is a mixture of solvents with low danger for humans and the environment;

✔ does not leave halos and does not stain the wood essence.


as a diluent it can be used in all concentrations.
In extraordinary cleaning, spread DILUOIL on the surface and let it work for a few minutes. Rub the surface with a monobrush equipped with a medium-hard disk, pad or rag. Remove and collect residues. Clean the surface with a clean cloth wetted with DILUOIL.


Depending on the consistency of the dirt to be removed or the degree of dilution required.


• 1 liter;

• 5 liters.


TIROIL Oil-wax impregnator for indoor wood;

OLIO TECNO Fast drying, oil-wax impregnator for indoor wood;

FLUOIL Oil-waxy anti-degradation impregnator for outdoor woods;

OLIO41 Oil-wax impregnator for outdoor wooden floors;

TUSCANIA OIL Oil-wax impregnator with wet effect for indoor cotto surfaces;

WET OUT Oil-wax impregnator with wet effect for stone materials placed outside;

OIL WET Impregnator with wet effect for stone materials.

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