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Nautical impregnation for water repellent water repellent treatment

Emulsion impregnation based on water-repellent non-filmogenic protective coatings with HALS stabilizers, UV absorbers and pigments.

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water-repellent solvent-free aqueous emulsion for the degradation of teak placed in the marine environment. The presence of UV absorbers, pigments and film stabilizers (HALS) in the product guarantees high resistance to atmospheric agents. Do not create superficial films that do not spell or spit. It rejuvenates the teak color without giving a strong toning effect. The protection obtained with TEAK UP has high water vapor permeability and allows the wood to “breathe” and do not retain moisture inside, thus inhibiting the conditions favorable to the development of microorganisms (fungi and molds) that are harmful to wood. The protection obtained with TEAK UP can be easily preserved and renewed over time (periodic maintenance) by applying a new product passage and without the need for costly recovery (eg sanding).


Shake well TEAK UP before use. Do not dilute. The product can be applied with a brush or sponge by wetting the wood surface homogeneously. Dry quickly (30-60 min.) And immediately apply the second-hand product. It is not necessary to sneak into one hand. Rinse the equipment with water. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE (6-12 months): Wash the surfaces protected with DELUXE TEAK. When the wood surface looks deteriorated and smudges, reapply TEAK UP. The renewal cycle of protection depends on many factors: wood type, exposure and use, climatic conditions. An optimal protection can last 1-2 years or more.


Depending on the absorption of wood. – indicatively 1lt / 10-15 sqm


1LT- 5LT


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