Anti-drip anti-slip protective coating on water base for exterior wood

Produced in anti-degradable and anti-dirty protective emulsion based on water for finishing and preserving wood in exterior. It rejuvenates and revives the surface giving it a new shine

30,50137,86 IVA inclusa

On all types of exterior wooden surfaces treated with transparent paints, paints and dyes, impregnating, oils (floors, coatings, garden furnishings, structures, etc.). Ideal for revitalizing PVC and varnished aluminum doors. It forms a highly resistant micro-layer that gives the surface of the treated wood greater water repellency and anti-dirt protection.


Shake before use. Ready to use. If necessary, clean the surface by removing dirt with DETER CLEAN. Spread BARRIER with sponge (on smooth surfaces), soft cloth / fleece fleece (on the floor) or brush (on rough surfaces) by wetting the surface with a thin layer and avoiding excesses and dirt. Just one BARRIER hand is enough. Dry quickly in 20-30 minutes. No need to polish. Rinse the equipment with water before drying the product.

Depending on the surface finish of the material 1 lt / 30 – 40 sqm


500 ml.


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