Solvent cleaner sfilmante for stone materials

solvent product to slow evaporation to a deep sfilmante action on stone materials. Leaves no unpleasant odours.

25,50107,36 IVA inclusa

For washing the dissolver sfilmante on all the stone materials (brick, stone, ceramic, klinker, stoneware, cement, grit, etc.) excluding materials descrambled with polymeric binder and wood. Compared to conventional solvents (e.g. nitro, acetone, turpentine) has a lower rate of evaporation and an action dissolutrice deeper. Leaves no unpleasant odours during use and in environments.


Always use pure. Spread the product on the surface and leave it to act, if possible, at least 15-30 minutes (up to a maximum of 8-12 hours). Wipe the surface with pads or discs in plastics fibers or with brushes made of nylon. Emulsify with water and remove the residue. Protect all painted surfaces and plastic material from contact with SOLVALL.

to remove substantial polymeric residues 1 lt / 4-8 sqm;
for normal washings 1 lt / 8-12 mq.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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