Stain remover for the removal of colored organic stains

Highly effective concentrated powder cleaner for the removal of stains from: coffee, wine, fruit juice, food residues in general, blood, urine and tannin from stone surfaces.


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SMACCHIO POLVERE is a specific stain remover to remove colored stains of organic origin on stone materials.


✔ removes from stone materials stains of coffee, wine, fruit juice, food residues in general, blood, urine, tannin that have penetrated into the materials;

✔ is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and harmless for the environment and is not aggressive towards materials;

✔ leaves no residue on the material.

On glossy limestone materials such as marble and cement agglomerates, the application of SMACCHIO POLVERE could dull the surface.


SMACCHIO POLVERE product to be dispersed in water before the use and to be mixed until forming a creamy paste.

How to use it:

1. Proceed with applying the product with a spatula or plastic scoop, taking care to leave a 2 – 3 mm layer of SMACCHIO POLVERE on the stain to be removed. If necessary, the duration of the extraction action can be increased by covering the pack with a sheet of plastic material (eg Domopack);

2. Let the pack dry before proceeding with its dry removal with a nylon brush or broom;

3. Finally rinse with plenty of water;

4. Check that the stain has been removed;

5. If necessary, repeat the application;

6. Protect metal surfaces and do not use metal containers.


on average with 1 kg of prepared dough (corresponding to about 300 gr of powder) about 1 m2 of surface is covered.


• 250 gr;

• 1 kg.





Hazard statements: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Precautionary statements: Do not breathe dust / fumes / gas / mist / vapors / spray. – Wear protective gloves / clothing and eyes / face protection. – IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting. – IF ON SKIN (or hair): take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water [or shower]. – IF IN EYES: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.

Contains: Oxygen-based whitening agents 15-30%, Metasilicate sodium pentahydrate, 5-15% phosphates, Enzymes, Anionic surfactants <5%.



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