Hardener / Dustproof Silicate for Concrete Surfaces

Produced for all new or existing concrete flooring of any age and other concrete products, usable internally and externally. Increases resistance to stains, abrasion and wear. It gives gloss to the surface.

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Mixture of lithium and potassium silicate in aqueous solution. It penetrates into the material by forming insoluble compounds with high chemical and mechanical strength, increasing the hardness and compactness of the surface by giving it dusty properties and reduced porosity. Odorless, non-flammable and VOC-free. SILIDUR is not a film-forming product and does not significantly alter the breathability of the material. Replaces the dressing with quartz powder. Do not crack, do not break, do not bump.


Use pure or diluted on dry absorbent material and free of moisture, clean, dust free, oils, greases and paints. SILIDUR can be applied by brush, roller, spandex or spray by uniformly wetting the material and following its absorption. The treated surface should be kept wet for at least 20-30 minutes: avoid wet and dry areas in this time interval. After this step, remove excess liquid from the surface and not absorb with soft cloth or disc. On broken and porous substrates apply two coats of SILIDUR (the second after the first drying). To achieve a specular surface, it is advisable, after drying, to pass with a single brush with felt suitable for polishing. SILIDUR dries in 1-2 hours and can be exposed to traffic after at least 24 hours. The curing process and maximum water resistance are completed after about 7 days. The surface treated with SILIDUR can be impregnated with stain-resistant protectors.


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