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For the strong wax removing, degreasing and descaling wash on all stone materials (cotto, stone, glazed ceramics, klinker, gres, cement, grits, etc.). It can be used to clean the joints blackened by the accumulation of dirt in ceramic surfaces.

Strong alkaline-solvent detergent to remove from absorbent stone materials and not:
old treatments with oils and waxes in general and some polymeric films (ex. “metal-lized waxes”);
lampblack and carbon residues;
to facilitate the removal of the ” dark spots ” by sulfation on the cotto;
deposits of greasy dirt, darkening of atmospheric pollution, deposits of green algae and molds.
It does not leave damaging residues in the absorbent material. It has a strong dispersing and emulsifying power of greasy dirt, facilitating its removal from the surface of the material. It does not leave unpleasant smells during use and in environments.


It can be used pure or diluted in water. The concentration of use must be determined in each situation according to the type of dirt, the amount of residues to be removed and the absorp-tion of the materialFor this purpose, preliminary washing tests may be useful.

It can be used indicatively:

Pure: on substantial residues of oils, waxes, large accumulations of greasy dirt, organic residues and as descaler for “dark spots
SGRISER diluted in an equal part of water: for washings where a strong degreasing action is required.
Spread the product on the surface and let it act for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Rub the surface with plastic fiber pads or discs or nylon brushes. To remove large oily residues, it may be use-ful to let SGRISER dry on the surface. Do not use equipment made of plant or animal material. Repeat the washing if necessary. On surfaces resistant to acids, neutralize with an acidic aqueous solution with VIACEM or DELICACID. For other more delicate materials, rinse only with plenty of water.


depending on the dirt to be removed and the absorption of the material:

for energetic washes 1lt / 4 -8 m²;
for normal washes 1lt / 5-10 m².


1 lt – 5 lt – 20 lt

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