Impregnating resin and a hardener for “wet look” in a solvent base

Protective polyurethane resin-based aliphatic mono-component low viscosity non yellowing.


On all absorbent stone materials (brick, stone, marble, granite, agglomerated note, cement, etc.) on vertical and horizontal surfaces installed outdoors.

MONOFLEX with its composition based on special resins with low viscosity polyurethane makes it ideal to protect all porous surfaces producing a marked “wet look”. Although not a waterproofing product drastically reduces water absorption and staining substances while maintaining a good traspirabilit of porous media (not film). The yellowing resistance makes it especially suitable for outdoor applications. Consolidates the dusty surfaces of materials increasing resistance to wear and eliminating the release of dust. Can be easily with pigment dyes for polyurethanes.


Mix well before use. Treated surfaces must be clean and completely dry. There should be no dampness of ascent from moist substrates. Make sure the material is porous and absorbing liquids. In case of doubt adhesion tests. The product can be used pure or diluted with xylol or solvent for Polyurethanes (max 1: 2 dilution in volume) as a function of the absorption of materials or the final look you want to achieve. Thanks to its low viscosity, can be applied to MONOFLEX roller (fine hair), spray, brush, soft cloth (microfibre perfect) making sure to fully saturate the material with care not to ever dry the product as long as it did not happen the complete absorption by redistributing or dabbing any excesses. Can be applied one or more hands depending on the media saturation. The second coat should be applied after 2-4 hours (no more than 6 hours) from the first.


in funzione dell’assorbimento del materiale:
medio-alto assorbimento 1 kg/3-6 mq;
medio-basso assorbimento 1 kg/6-12 mq.


1 Kg – 4 Kg – 17 Kg.

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