Impregnating resin, dusters “wet look” under water Description: Transparent BiComponent resin, high vehicle based on epoxy resins under water.


For wet cement also moist media in internal premises subjected to light traffic.

Eliminates the dust caused by the concrete surface and allows a more easy to clean. The application creates thickness and therefore the final aspect riprodurr or imperfections can be not perfectly uniform (most areas dark, opaque surfaces, etc.) to the different absorption of the support.


Preparation of the surface you have to carefully brush with synthetic felt wet and rinse, on hard surfaces and closed we recommend sanding or grinding. If the media are very hard, non-porous, and possibly a dark color, may have been added to concrete hydro-fobizzanti additives or otherwise preventing the penetration depth of the product. In this case use solvent-based cycles. The two-component product: base and hardener must be mixed thoroughly prior to applying with mechanical stirrer (RPM 400/800). Apply diluted with water, equal to 1 parts by volume of product and 1 part by volume of water. The amount of dilution water should be slightly increased for very porous supports up to (1: 4 by volume). Dilution of the hand can be reduced slightly to obtain a more uniform surface appearance. In case of roller application thoroughly wash the roller at least every hour, and every time that you stop the application. Generally the application runs with short hair roller, but you can also apply by spraying. It is recommended, in case of interruption of the application, by oversee roller wash immediately with water.


diluizione: da 1:1 a 1:4 in volume con acqua. Seconda mano o mani successive, 1:2 in volume con acqua. Indurimento completo a 23°C – 7 giorni.


10 Kg (base + indurente).

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