Anti-degradable and anti-dirt nautical protective wax based on water

Specific finisher that integrates and improves the protection provided by the base inflatable treatment. Applicable on materials in hypapon, pvc, rubber


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Shape a “shield” consisting of a highly resistant micro-layer that gives the surface of the inflatable boat treated with greater water repellency and anti-dirt protection. If used periodically (every 6 to 12 months) it closes the very small cracks or porosities that can be created in the base protective layer, greatly increasing the durability and protective capacity of the inflatable. As a result, it is easier to clean and renew it over time, making it easier and convenient to maintain regular maintenance. It does not alter the treated color. It rejuvenates and enlivens the surface giving it new brilliance. Made in water for easy and safe use.


Shake before use. Ready to use. If necessary, clean the surface by removing dirt with DIA-MOND BOAT. Spread REFLEX with sponge (on surfaces), soft cloth / spool (on tubular) or brush (on rough surfaces) by wetting a thin, uniform layer on the surface avoiding excesses and dirt. Just one hand of REFLEX is enough. In case of degradation you can also give a second hand. Dry quickly in 20-30 minutes. No need to polish. Rinse the equipment with water before drying the product.


1lt – 30/40 sqm


500ML – 5LT


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