Consolidant for stone materials in a solvent base

Consolidating solvent solution of ethyl silicate.


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For all materials of natural stone laid in Interior and exterior. Can also be used on other stone materials absorbents (e.g. plaster, stucco, terracotta).
Performance: penetrates and spreads to capillarit inside the absorbent material. Thanks to the reaction of ethyl silicate and water of atmospheric humidity will form a silica gel that hardening gives greater mechanical resistance of the material. The transformation and hardening of silica gel is accomplished in approximately 15 days at 20 C and 50% RH For these characteristics ideal for consolidating REBLOCK decoesionate stones from weathering and restoration plasters precious murals. REBLOCK does not contain hydrophobic additives.


The product uses pure generally; If required it can be diluted with the solvent DILUOIL. REBLOCK applies to spray, brush or dip. The main requirement for the success of consolidating treatment what this product soak completely altered the surface layer and reaches the healthy layer of material inside avoiding the formation of harmful surface crusts. For this purpose it is advisable to make the material by impregnation for small areas by applying REBLOCK extra wet-on-wet times up until the material no longer able to receive the product. After 2-3 weeks after surgery to check if have reached the optimal consolidating effect and if necessary repeat the procedure. On some materials may be useful to wash the surface immediately after applying the product DILUIOL REBLOCK to avoid unwanted whitening caused by ethyl silicate drying on the surface of the material. Consolidated materials with REBLOCK (after about a month) can be subsequently treated with waterproofing protectives (es. TIM, SILOX6) or painted with mineral paints (siloxane, silicates, etc.).


in funzione dell’assorbimento e dello stato del degrado dei materiali 0,1-2 mq/lt.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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