Sanitizing detergent for the removal of the mold

Product that cleanses and sanitizes the surface by eliminating rapidly molds, algae and fungi by walls, coatings, shower cubicle, external structures in wood

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Walls or coverings in stony material, plaster, cement, ceramic materials, internal showers, changing rooms. Ideal outside to remove the algae and molds by the articles in painted wood or plastic inmateriale (es. garden furniture). The product leaves a pleasant scent in the environments. Do not use cleaning molds on untreated wood and on the absorbent materials treated with wax (e.g. cooked); protect the metal surfaces and in tissue from contact with PULI MUFFE. The product can flatted methacrylate: pay attention in proximity of bathtubs made with this material.


Spray the product directly onto the surface and clean. Leave Act 10-20 minutes and reface the surface with a soft cloth or sponge. In the case of large and thick deposits of molds and algae, leave PULI molds for 30-60 minutes and, if necessary, use a brush/buffer in nylon.


1 lt / 7-10 mq.


750 ml.

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