Oily impregnator for interior wood

Low-film impregnator for protecting wooden floors, walls and furniture placed inside. Resistant to stains, dirt, wear and trampling.


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HYDROIL INTERNO is an oleo-resin-waxy water-based protective impregnator for all rough wooden surfaces placed inside (flooring, coverings, wooden structures, furniture and fixtures).


gives wood resistance to water, stains and wear. Enhances the natural coloring of the wood, leaving a transparent and opaque finish on the surface with a high-quality silky touch;

gives the wooden surface an anti-slip finish, resistant to water, stains, dirt and easy maintenance over time with BIOCARE OPACO;

can be easily pigmented with IDROTONER colors (max concentration 10%. ex. 1kg of HYDROIL INTERNO / 100gr of IDROTONER). All the colors obtained are transparent and leave the natural design of the fiber unaltered;

is easy to use and quick to dry (30-60 minutes);

is a very low VOC (volatile compounds) product.


mix well HYDROIL INTERNO before use. The wood must be clean, well sanded and free of previous treatments. The product is generally applied in two coats, with a brush, a short-haired roller, a sponge and a fleece wax spreader, wetting the surface of the wood evenly. It dries quickly (30-60 minutes) and then the second coat can be applied immediately. It is not necessary to sand between one coat and the other, except in the case of possible deforestation of the wood. We recommend sanding the surface with abrasive paper (eg 150 grit). On floors or surfaces subject to greater wear (eg tables) it is recommended to apply a coat of BIOTOP OPACO finisher.


according to the absorption of the wood:

on lightly absorbent wood 1kg / 10-15 m²;

on absorbent wood 1kg / 7-10 m².


• 1 kg;

• 5 kg.


BIOTOP OPACO anti-wear, anti-dirt finisher with natural effect for interior wood treated with impregnators;

PULIBRILL concentrated detergent with neutral ph specific for non-aggressive cleaning of wooden surfaces;

BIOCARE OPACO maintenance wax and anti-wear, anti-dirt protection, with natural effect for interior wooden surfaces, treated with impregnators.


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