Anti-degradation oil-wax impregnator for outdoor wooden floors

Oil-waxy impregnator specifically for the protection of windows frames, doors, garden furniture and outdoor wooden structures in general. Easy to maintain, it does not need to be sanded.


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FLUOIL is an oil-waxy anti-degradation impregnator for wooden surfaces placed outside:

  • It forms a water-oil repellent, resistant and non-sticky protection;
  •  avoids aging and graying of wood;
  •  gives a protection to wood that allows it to breathe, avoiding moisture retention, in order to inhibit the development of micro-organisms (algae, molds);
  •  it does not form superficial films and leaves the natural appearance of the material;
  •  easy to apply and preserve over time;
  •  it does not create stripping, nor exfoliation and doesn’t need to be sanding.

It is possible to pigment FLUOIL with OILTONER pigments to have customized effects.


Shake FLUOIL before use.
How to use:

  1. distribute FLUOIL with a fleece spreader, paint brush or rag, homogeneously wetting the surface and following the absorption of the wood;
  2. after about 30-60 minutes remove the excess product from the surface by rubbing it with a soft disk, soft cloth or paint brush;
  3. wait for drying (12-24 hours) and polish the surface with a soft disc or brush.
  4. Apply a second coat proceeding as above;
  5. after complete drying (about 24-48 hours) on a dry and non-oily surface to the touch, polish with a soft disc or brush.

In the case of personalized treatments, pigment FLUOIL with 5-10% of OILTONER.
We recommend, to prolong the life of the impregnating treatment with FLUOIL in the years and facilitate the ordinary maintenance, to apply the product BARRIER an anti-dirt and anti-degradation finisher at least twice a year. In the case of non-application of the BARRIER product, it is recommended to apply FLUOIL once a year to maintain the characteristics of the initial treatment.


According to the absorption of wood:

on wood with little absorption 1 lt / 12-15 m²;

on absorbent woods 1lt / 6-10 m²;

on very compact wood 1lt> 30 m ².


1 lt – 5 lt


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