Protective finish for restoration of painted parquet



On all glossy painted wood surfaces (parquet, coverings, furniture, door locks), VC and Linoleum floors. Indoor use.
LIGNOLIFE is a resin-waxy emulsion based on carnauba, specific for the protection and restoration of painted wood surfaces:
  • Anti-dirt finisher with excellent protective capacity and resistance to trampling
  • It gives the material a very bright finish, resistant to water and detergents.
  • LIGNOLIFE is fast and easy to apply;
  • It’s self-polishing but can be polished with high speed machines to increase resistance characteristics over time.

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Apply 1-2 coats of LIGNOLIFE. Distribute the product with fleece spreader, rag or sponge. It should be spread in a thin layer, homogeneously wetting the surface and without making excesses.
  3. Apply the second coat as soon as the first one is dry.
  4. It dries quickly, generally in 2 – 3 hours in well-ventilated areas.

1 lt / 30-40 m² (for each coat)

1LT – 5 LT


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