Adhesion primer water based resin coating and concrete

2-component epoxy resin based water compatible with hydraulic binders.


Is used as adhesion promoter for resinous coatings, mortars, concretes, fresh cement surfaces aged also smooth. It is also used as adhesion promoter for epoxy to wet cycles. The product can be applied as is or mixed with cement or 425 Ptl325 and/or quartz. The product always applies on surfaces and clean, free of bulk parts, grouts, disarming oils.

Adhesion to concrete > 3N/mm2 complete hardening to 23 C 7 days


The methodology for preparation of the substrate must be made taking into account the nature and consistency of support and subsequent working phases. The surface, however, after the preparation should not present inconsistent parts or branches, old paint/or substances that could affect adhesion. The preparation of surfaces should be carried out by hydro-blasting, shot peening, and milling. Roller applies: the product can be applied as is, after mixing the two components (base + hardener) or mixed with Ptl cement 325 or 425 in 1.1 ratio by weight. When the application, in addition to promote adhesion of subsequent layers, also has the function of vapor barrier, the product must be used always added with cement and we recommend applying with brush. With the application the spatula can be applied to layers with variable thicknesses ranging from 1-2 mm, depending on the grain size of quartz used. We recommend that you do not exceed the thicknesses shown to have no risk of cracking. When you apply the PRIMER 2 spatula should be mixed with Ptl 0 325 425 and quartz in reports in 1: 1 weight: 1 inert resin cement. To improve the flow of dough add up 30% of clean water. When the 2 PRIMER is used as adhesion promoter in Jet shooting and/or mortars, the application of the new Jet or malta must occur within the open 60 ‘ time. Environmental conditions of high temperatures, dry and ventilation the open time is reduced, then it must be empirically operate with the primer applied still soft and that dirty fingers to touch.


Adesione a calcestruzzo > 3N/mm2. Indurimento completo a 23°C – 7 giorni.


10 Kg (base + indurente).

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