Anti-dusting protective leveler for stone materials

Resin-ceramic emulsion product for high-adhesion base material. Reassemble dusty surfaces avoiding dusting. It tones the surface without altering its color. It does not contain solvents. For inside.


On all types of medium-high absorption stone materials such as Stones, Cotto, Cement, Mineral Plasters. As a smoothing absorbing base and stain-resistant in waxy treatments. Specific as anti-dump and replenishing surface protection for decoese materials. For inside.


Use pure or diluted in water. Applies with spool (floor) fleece, soft cloth, sponge, brush (only on very rough surfaces). PRIMAMANO RAVVIVANTE should be laid in thin layer by homogenously wetting the surface and without making excess. Dry quickly, generally in 1-2 hours. On surfaces that are difficult to wet (eg on water repellent or stain resistant), rub the product onto the surface, making it evenly worn.

As a base on cooks very absorbent 1 lt / 6-10 sqm;
As anti-dust 1 lt / 8-15 mq.


1 litro – 5 litri – 20 litri.

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