Leveling anti-dust protection for absorbent stone materials

Base primer for the leveling treatment of surfaces in cotto, stone, absorbent cement agglomerates and plasters placed inside. It does not alter the natural appearance of the material.


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PRIMAMANO NEUTRA is a base leveling wax for all types of medium-high absorption stone materials such as stones, cotto, concrete and mineral plasters, placed inside.


✔ does not alter the natural appearance of the material, leaving it to transpire;

✔ does not create thick and glossy films;

✔ has excellent adhesion and hooking properties on hydro-oil repellent protective products such as IDROWIP, TIM, TON25, EXCEL PLUS;

✔ makes the absorption of highly absorbent materials homogeneous, allowing an easy application of waxy dispersions such as ONIX and ROYAL WAX and avoiding the risk of shade variation and halos;

✔ favors the coupling of the finisher IDROFIN in the treatment of stone materials reducing, even in the most difficult cases, the risk of possible detachment of the finish;

✔ re-aggregates the surface dusting of old and sandblasted materials.

  1. It is applied with a fleece spreader, soft cloth, sponge.
  2. It should be applied in a thin layer, wetting the surface evenly, without creating excesses.
  3. It generally dries in 1-2 hours.
  4. On surfaces with difficult wettability (eg over water and oil repellent protections) rub the product, facilitating its uniform application.

• as a base coat on very absorbent cotto products 1lt / 6 -10 m2;
• as an anti-dust leveling 1lt / 8-10 m2.


1 lt;

5 lt;

20 lt.


VOC (Directive 2004/42 / EC): Fixing primers.

VOC expressed in g / liter of ready-to-use product: Maximum limit: 30.00 (2010). – Product VOC: 20.00.

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