Waterproof and anti-wear finisher for stone materials

Produced in high gloss resistant resinous emulsion. Particularly suitable for finishing smooth surface materials.


On all types of interior stone materials (cooked, natural stones, granules, cements, clinkers) especially on polished or polished finishes. Also suitable for resilient materials (PVC, Linoleum).


Usually it is used pure. Shake before using. The product is distributed with a spatula, cloth or sponge. It should be laid in thin layer by homogenously wetting the surface and without making excess. Apply the second coat as soon as the first is dry. POLIFIN can also be distributed with a spray-buffing technique with a single-disc brush (speed up to 400 rpm) with medium hardness disk, especially on polished surfaces. Dry quickly, generally in 2-3 hours in well-ventilated environments.

- On rough surface materials 1 lt / 15-18 mq;
– On smooth surface materials 1 lt / 25-50 sqm.


1 litro – 5 litri – 20 litri.

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