Pigments in oil-soluble dispersed

Waste oil-solvent soluble inorganic and organic pigments.


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For enhance products: ONIX, PALLADIUM, TUSCANIA-OIL, TIROIL, 41 and CARESS OIL PLUS, FLUOIL, TECNO, ROYAL WAX OIL. Color version: white, yellow, red, chestnut, walnut, black.

Performance: finisher/fluid-based polishing waxes in dispersion fine with great penetration capacity and coverage of stone surfaces. Its smooth even at low temperatures, allows a quick and easy application without creating backlogs. Forms a waxy water-repellent finish, outstanding resistance to wear and dirt. Jessica quickly. Leaves no unpleasant odours during use and in closed environments. Does not yellow over time and can also be applied on clear or white materials (marble). Product made of organic solvents with low toxic to man and the environment. The dry residue that is non-toxic protection. Can be easily colored with desired color version OILTONER. Can be mixed with OIL or TUSCANIA PALLADIUM to give extra tone colour of the treated material.


SHAKE BEFORE USE. Add OILTONER in the product by mixing or stirring vigorously enhance until homogenous pigment dispersion. Use concentrations (expressed in grams of pigment per litre of product) of individual pigments products are as follows: white: recommended only in products up to a max of 150 g/l. Standard concentration 100 gr/lt – Walnut Chestnut-yellow-red: in all products up to a max of 150 g/l. Standard concentration 50 gr/lt black: in all products up to a max of 70 g/l. Standard concentration 20 gr/lt


in funzione della concentrazione scelta.


100 gr – 250 gr.


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