Dispersion pigments hydro-soluble

Water dispersions of inorganic and organic water-soluble pigments.

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For enhance products: PRIMAMANO and BIOTOP. Color version: white, red, yellow, sweet chestnut, walnut, black.

Benefits: easily dispersible pigments in hydrophilic nature that will produce pigmentation sorbents “transparent” and not very opaque to light stability and weathering. Miscible in any proportion between the different color hues.


Add IDROTONER in the product by mixing or stirring vigorously enhance until homogenous pigment dispersion. Use concentrations (expressed in grams of pigment per litre of product) of individual pigments products are the following:

-White: up to a max of 60 Gr./lt. Recommended concentration 50 gr/lt

-Red, Chestnut and yellow: up to a max of 50 Gr./lt. Recommended concentration 40 gr/lt Walnut: up to a max of 60 Gr./lt. Recommended concentration 50 gr/lt

-Black: In all products up to a max of 20 Gr./lt. Recommended concentration 15 gr/lt


in funzione della concentrazione scelta.


250 gr.


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