Protective oleo-waxy with wet effect for terracotta and stone

Product for finishing stain release and to wear of brick and stone sanitary cutlery inside. Enhances the color of the material without causing yellowing.


For stone surfaces (excluding those polished), cotto and cement agglomerates. Physical characteristics. It does not form the surface film. For internal use.


Shake before use. Distribute palladium with spray or brush homogeneously wetting the surface following the absorption of the material. After drying (at least 6-10 hours under conditions of good aeration) or in any case as soon as the surface is dry to touch, polish with soft cloth or with soft brush, or apply a second coat by completing the saturation of the material and polish after drying.

-On compact stones 1 lt / 15-25 mq;
-cooked on a low absorption 1 lt / 10-12 mq;
– on absorbent stones or with rough surface and terracotta high absorption 1 lt / 6-10 mq.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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