Ultra-opaque impregnating oil for wood

Impregnating protective oil for wood placed inside, specific to obtain a totally natural effect such as raw wood.


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OLIO ZERO is an impregnating emulsion based on oils, resins, waxes and special inert additives for all rough wooden surfaces placed inside (flooring, cladding, wooden structures, furniture and fixtures).

  • is particularly indicated to obtain a “natural effect” wood protection which preserves the original aesthetic characteristics of the raw wood (ultra-opaque finish) and is practically invisible;
  • is a product with a low content in VOC (volatile compounds), ecological and easy to use;
  • gives to the wooden surface a non-yellowing, anti-slip, stain and dirt resistant finish and it’s easy to maintain over time with BIOCARE OPACO.



Mix OLIO ZERO well before use it. Do not dilute. The wood must be clean, well sanded (100-150 paper) and free of old residual films. The product can be applied with a brush or with a short-haired roller “wet on wet” in order to avoid overlapping. Three hands of OLIO ZERO are always necessary except on the ceiling wood where it can be applied in two steps. When the first coat is dried (1-2 hours) the second coat is applied proceeding as for the previous one. When the latter is also dry (2-4 hours), it is possible to lightly sand it with 180-240 grain and after having removed the powder, apply the third coat of product. The product is hardened and can be walked on after 24 hours. On floors and surfaces subject to extreme wear (eg. tables) it is advisable to apply a coat of the matt anti-wear, anti-dirt product BIOTOP OPACO.


In three steps:1 kg/6-8 m²;
(with roll 125-160 g/m2)


1kg – 5kg – 20kg


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