Solvent based impregnating oil-wax fast drying

Impregnating oil product for the waterproof and anti-stain protection of wood placed indoor. It can be pigmented with OILTONER.


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Impregnating oil for waterproof and anti-stain protection of the wood. It forms a resistant, non-sticky protection, easy to keep in the course of time. It does not form superficial films. It does not exfoliate, it does not make layers****** on the surface. Easy to restore without necessity of rubbing the wood. Fast drying (12-24 hours). Ideal for the industrial impregnation with roller of floorings. Dispersion in vegetal and mineral solvents with low environmental impact, and with low tox**** impact on the user. Components that remain as protective in the wood are not toxic. It can easily pigmented with the desired colour version of OILTONER.


Shake OLIO TECNO before use. The product can be used pure or diluted with AGRUMOIL or DILUOIL. The eventual dilution is helpful to saturate oily and compact woods (ex. Teak and Iroko) to make the impregnation easier. Always apply two coats of OLIO TECNO. Distribute OLIO TECNO with a fleece/coat wetting the surface homogeneously following the absorption of wood. After about 10-15 minutes remove excesses of product from the surface rubbing with a cloth or a soft disk. After drying (at least 12-24 hours in good ventilation conditions) or anyway when the surface is dry and not oily at touch, apply the second coat as described before. When dry, proceede always to apply the finish BIOTOP.


Approximately 1 lt – 12-30 sqm.


1 lt – 5 lt.


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