oil-waxy protective agent for recovery of fixtures, furniture and outdoor wood

Protective product that enhances color and increases the water repellency of the treated wood or painted on the outside. Remove the fog effect of verinice ruined by fixtures and wooden structures in general. It does not form films or glossy film.

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On all wooden surfaces located outside (flooring, patio furniture, siding, windows, structures, etc.). Enhances color and increases the water repellency. Not spellicola or crack. It requires an annual reset on exposed structures.


Shake well before use OIL RAVVIVANTE. Apply RAVVIVANTE OIL on clean and perfectly dry surfaces. To regenerate old paintwork and in the periodic maintenance of the woods already oiled, smooth off with a soft brush small amounts of OIL RAVVIVANTE and rub the surface after 20-30 minutes with a cloth or soft brush to remove any excess. Allow to dry for 12-24 hours.

According to the absorbency of the wood 1 lt / 15-25 sqm.


500 ml.

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