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Impregnating wet effect for stone materials

Protective low viscosity concentrate impregnating and solvent-free impregnating agent to give the wet effect to absorbent stone materials. It can be used on stones, marbles, granites, granules, synthetic agglomerates, terracotta and cement artifacts, both inside and outside.


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Hydro-oil-repellent and toning impregnating agent for performing “strong wet” treatments on absorbent materials. Saturate the porosity of the stone material without leaving superficial polymer films. The protection retains significant vapor permeability and does not spit or spell. Odorless product. A stable UV product. Resistant to atmospheric agents and microorganisms (algae, molds, etc.). Due to its low viscosity and moderate drying speed it is easy to apply on any substrate. OIL-WET forms permanent and non-reversible protection on the material. It is always advisable to carry out preliminary tests on the off-work material.


Apply only on surfaces perfectly dry and clean by dirt, oils and greases and residues of previous treatments. The product can be used as it may or may be diluted up to 1: 1 with DILUOIL. Distribute OIL-WET with a brush / soft cloth / sponge / spool (depending on the support) by homogenously wetting the surface and absorbing the material. After 10-15 minutes, buffer any excess product that is not absorbed by rubbing the surface with a soft cloth or disc. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying a subsequent product step. Normally OIL-WET is applied in 1-2 hands depending on the absorption of the support. Only on very absorbent and rough materials may be necessary to apply a third hand. OIL-WET Dries after 24 hours. The product accepts any finishing products (IDROFIN, LUXOR, PAV-05, etc.)

- on very rough and absorbent materials 1 lt / 8-12 sqm
– smooth and slightly absorbent materials 1 lt /> 20 sqm


250 gr – 1kg – 5kg

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