Nano-proof anti-slip and stain resistant material on compact materials

Product for nano-protection to prevent accumulation of dirt in micro-porosity of compact materials, porcelain stoneware and synthetic agglomerates


On porcelain stoneware (in particular polished), synthetic agglomerates and other micro-porous materials. Nano-protection based on two individual solutions (A and B) designed to prevent dirtiness by avoiding contamination and accumulation in the surface microporousness of the material of colorants, oil, dirt particles, cement, etc., allowing a simple Cleaning with detergent products. The nano-protection is very resistant both chemically and mechanically,


The nano-final protection is achieved by applying a first protective solution A and then a second protective solution B. Spraying small amounts of solution A on the surface and distributing the product by means of a single sponge provided with cloth Microfibre until drying the material (if it does not have a single brush and in particular for small surfaces, the application can also be carried out manually). Proceed with a few meters at a time. If necessary, remove any dampened residues by rinsing a wet solution solution A on the surface. Wait for at least 24 hours and apply solution B as above. The maximum protective capacity is reached after about 24 hours at room temperature (about 20 ° C). In particularly cold environments, a longer hardening time may be required.

Nano system (A + B) 1 lt + 1 lt / 70-150 sqm.


flacone 500 ml (A)+ 500 ml (B) – flacone 1 litro (A)+ 1 litro (B).

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