Protective nano-technological stain release for glasses and mirrors

Protective product nano-stain release technology for glass surfaces. Facilitates the removal of dirt without need to rub.

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NANO GLASS is ready to use and is applied directly on the surface where it forms a layer of thickness chemically and mechanically resistant. Invisible protection and resistant to strong friction. Easy to apply and fast curing. Resistant to washings even with cleaner. Tolerant to high temperatures. Resistant to frost.


Always use pure. Apply by spraying with a pump which sprays the liquid finely. We spray the product on a small area of the surface to be treated and then immediately rilucida the glass with a soft cloth. It can also be applied by other means (cloth, paper, sponge) anyway with lower yield. Any residues or shadows are removed with dampened cloth NANOGLASS. The product dries in minutes while the complete hardening takes place after 24 hours at 20°C. At lower temperatures can lengthen the curing times.

Indicatively 1 lt / 100-250 sqm.


150 ml.


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