Matt anti-dirt, anti-wear finisher for stone materials

Finisher for the treatment of surfaces in cotto, stone, grit and stone materials placed inside. It adds anti-dirt and anti-wear protection to the basic treatment of the material and to its initial aesthetic characteristics.


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IDROFIN MATT is a low-film, anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher for absorbent stone materials placed inside: cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement.


✔ creates a protective shield on the protective water-oil repellent materials against wear;

✔ does not alter the appearance of the material and does not form a thick film on the surface leaving a good vapor permeability to the material;

✔ creates an easy-to-apply resin-waxy micro-layer on the material, which reduces the penetration of dirt and makes surfaces easier and faster to clean;

✔ is easy to maintain over time. For the ordinary cleaning we recommend the specific product FLORA, while for the periodic cleaning of the protective waxy film (every 6-12 months) the protection and maintenance wax REFIX MATT .



Normally it is used pure.

  1. Apply on dry surfaces;
  2. Shake well before use;
  3. The product is distributed with a fleece spreader, soft cloth or sponge;
  4. It should be applied in a thin layer, wetting the surface evenly and without making excesses;
  5. It dries quickly, generally in 2-3 hours in well-ventilated areas;
  6. Apply the second coat 2-3 hours after drying.

Application types:

• 1 coat: on smooth and not very absorbent surfaces;

• 2 coats: on rough surfaces.



Depending on the absorption of materials:

on materials with a rough surface 1 lt / 10-18 m²;

on materials with a polished surface 1 lt / 20-30 m².



• 1 lt;

• 5 lt;

• 20 lt.


Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.






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