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Nautical cleaner in polishing and protective cream for stainless steel

Professional cream eliminates rust, suitable for polishing stainless steel surfaces of boats and restoring brilliance.

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cleans, shrinks and polishes the surfaces of stainless steel, opaque with use and contact with the marine environment. Renews and restores the original brilliance of bits, ladders, handrails, cranks, etc. giving effective protection to salt. Easy and safe to use. Neutral product: contains no acids or alcalines. It does not leave any vines after use. Do not exhale harmful fumes.


product ready to use. Shake before using. Pour a small amount of product onto a damp sponge or microfiber cloth. Rinse the surface for a few seconds to polish until the formation of a dark patina. Remove the excess product and rub the surface with a dry soft cloth until it is brilliant.


depending on the dirt


250 gr


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