Wear-resistant and anti-dirt finisher for polished stones and grits.

Protective finish for marble, granite, stone, grit with a glossy finish placed inside. It does not whiten or yellow over time, it does not alter the appearance of the material. Easy to maintain over time.


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LUXOR is an anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher with low film formation for marble, granite, compact stone (eg slate, compact limestone) and grits laid inside.


✔ is a protective waxy anti-dirt and anti-wear solution specific for compact stone materials with low absorption and smooth surface processing, such as polished and honed coatings;

✔ is applied over the oleorepellent impregnating agents to saturate the micropores of the stone material without leaving surface films;

✔ has excellent resistance to trampling and dirt;

✔ preserves and protects over time the protective and aesthetic characteristics of the initial treatment;

✔ does not alter the appearance of the material and does not darken the joints;

✔ does not yellow the materials over time;

✔ it can be re-polished and easy to store;

✔ has a high yield.

  1. Apply on clean and dry surfaces;
  2. Pour small quantities of LUXOR on the surface, wetting it evenly;
  3. Dab any excess product during drying. It dries in about 15-30 minutes in well-ventilated areas;
  4. Polish the surface that has just dried with a disc, pad or soft cloth.

Frequency of use:
Every 2 – 3 months: on intensely trampled surfaces subject to heavy wear (eg shops, public places, bars, restaurants, kitchens, entrances, bathrooms, etc.).

Every 6 – 12 months: on hardly walked surfaces (eg sleeping areas, halls, etc.).


the yield is as follows:

• on marble, granite and polished grits 1 lt /> 40 m2;

• on compact smooth stones 1 lt / 30-40 m2.


• 1 lt;

• 5 lt.

warnings: danger




Hazard statements: Flammable liquid and vapor. – It can be fatal if swallowed and if it enters the respiratory tract. – May cause drowsiness or dizziness. – Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness and cracking.

Precautionary statements: Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames or other sources of ignition. Not smoking. – Avoid breathing dust / fume / gas / mist / vapors / aerosols. – Wear protective gloves / clothing and protect eyes / face. – IF INHALED: remove the injured person to fresh air and keep him at rest in a position that favors breathing. – DO NOT induce vomiting.

Contains: Hydrocarbons, C9-C11, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics, <2% aromatics; nafta (Petroleum), Heavy fraction of Hydroteatring.









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