Wear-resistant finisher to Granites, marbles and grits

Product in liquid wax dispersion in solvent for finishing smooth and compact absorbent materials. No bleaching or yellowing over time. Easy to maintain.


Out of marble, granite, stones compact (es. Slate, compact limestone) and grits cutlery inside. Specific for stone materials with smooth surface finishes (polished, smoothed). It does not form a surface film.


In the initial treatment pour/spray small amounts of LUXOR on the surface wetting it evenly. DAB during drying any excess product. Polish with a soft cloth, swab or drive the surface as soon as dry (15-30 minutes). Maintenance spray small amounts of LUXOR on the surface and rub it with a single brush with a soft disc or with a soft cloth until the drying of the product.


Out of marble, granite and grits lucidate1 lt/> 40 sqm;
Compact stones smoothed 1 lt/30-40 sqm.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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