Anti-humidity and stain-resistant protective for absorbent sandstones and microcements

Breathable water-oil-repellent protective specific for stones, high absorption micro-cements. It does not form surface films and does not alter the appearance of the material.


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LITOFLON is a water-oil-repellent fluorinated protective specific for sandstone with rough surface finishes (eg bush-hammered, scarpellinate, scratched, flamed, etc.) and for the protection of micro-cements.

✔ avoids and counteracts the rising damp and consequently the formation of saline efflorescence, crusts, patinas, algae, etc;

✔ drastically reduces the absorption of water in the material (eg rain, water-soluble substances, cement slurry, etc.);

✔ eliminates the absorption capacity of the material to greasy or colored substances in general;

✔ facilitates the cleaning of the absorbent material from dirt and stains;

✔ has a high chemical inertness and resistance to foot traffic;

✔ it does not form surface films, it is invisible and does not alter the appearance of the material and the color tone over time;

✔ maintains the original permeability to water vapor, breathable.

✔ is a water-based product, odorless, without specific hazards and toxicity for the user and the environment.

  1. Apply on a clean, dry and untreated surfaceshake before using.
  2. Shake before the use.
  3. Spread LITOFLON with a fleece spreader, soft cloth, sponge, wetting the surface evenly following the absorption of the material and dab any excesses before drying.
  4. As soon as it is dry (1-2 hours) apply the second coat proceeding as for the first.
  5. Any excess product after drying must be removed by wiping with a cloth moistened with LITOFLON on the surface.

Generally two coats of product are applied.


on absorbent stones (eg sandstones) 1 lt / 8 -12 m2;

on very absorbent stones (eg tuff) 1 lt / 4 – 8 m2.


• 1 lt;

• 5 lt.


Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.



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