Polishing powder for granite and ceramic materials

Product for wet polishing of granite floors, ceramic materials and porcelain stoneware. It gives shine to the surface without creating films. Mentiene the natural aspect of the material and makes the surfaces slightly permeable to water and dirt, which facilitates cleaning.


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All stones such as silica and silicate materials (granite, polished porcelain tiles and other ceramic materials).


Ready. Wet the floor with clean water. Pour 30-60 gr (a KW-SPECIAL dust on the surface fist), place the white disk on dust and spray water in the area surrounding the disc, until obtaining a creamy consistency of the powder. Continue working on 1-2 square meters at a time for a few minutes, add water to keep the creaminess of the product. DO NOT allow to dry the dough on the surface! After the polishing process, remove the residue with a wet vacuum cleaner. After polishing of the entire surface, clean with mild detergent solution (eg. UNIPUL diluted 5% in water).

Normally 1 kg / 30-40 sqm.


800gr – 4 Kg.


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