Protective stain pad for marble, granite, blended and low absorbent granules

Water-based stain-resistant impregnating product for polished / honed compacted stones. It forms an invisible shield.


For all types of compact stones (Marble, Granite, Travertine, Graniglia, etc.), honed or polished inside. Does not significantly alter the appearance and color tone of the material. Do not form superficial films. It forms an invisible shield. The product can not avoid acid corrosion of the materials.


Shake before use. Apply GUARD with spatula fleece, soft cloth, sponge, evenly wetting the surface. During drying, buffer any excess before drying. In the case of excesses dried on the surface, remove them by wiping a wet cloth of GUARD on the material. Avoid washing surfaces treated with GUARD using alcohol.


Approximately 1 lt / 20 sqm.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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