Protective stain release concentrate, stain-resistant for porcelain floor tiles

Product water-based film-forming not that does not alter the appearance of the material. Drastically reduces the adhesion of dirt by facilitating the cleanability of the surface.


On all types of Stone Materials micro-porous absorbents such as shiny porcelained stoneware or lapped and synthetic agglomerations. Special for the pre-protection of ceramic materials in the coating/floor, before the grouting with the cement slurries, colored and/or supplemented with latexes.


Shake before use. You èuò use pure or diluted (max 1:5 in water). Spray a small quantity of product on the surface by evenly distributing the latter with spandicera fleece/soft cloth, wetting homogeneously the material. After a few minutes to polish the surface with a soft cloth or single-brush scrubber equipped with hard white soft or hard in microfiber. Any excess product after drying must be removed by reviewing a cloth moistened GP 6 on the surface. The product, just dry (15 – 30 minutes) is immediately walkable. GP 6 must be reapplied periodically, even only in confined areas of the floorings, in function of the frequency of washings and the treading surface (generally every 3- 6 months).

Indicatively 1 lt / 40-60 sqm.


1 litro – 5 litri.

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