Eco-friendly detergent degreasing cleaner

Product that disintegrates and solubilizes the greasy dirt, sanitizes surfaces in cotto, stone, cement agglomerate, porcelain stoneware and ceramic material in general. Biodegradable.


Cleans, degreases, sanitizes surfaces in cotto, stone, cement, porcelain stoneware and other ceramic materials. It can be used pure or diluted in water for hand and machine washings (ex. scrubber, pressure washer). The product solubilizes greasy substances, making them easily removable. The product is biodegradable. It doesn’t contain caustic soda, ammonia, fragrances, dyes and solvents.


– Pure or diluted up to 1:2 parts in water: for strong degreasing washings, to remove large greasy dirt residues (cooking oils, lubrificating oils, fats and stubborn dirt residues).
– Diluted 1:20-30 parts in water: (1/2 glass of ECOmarbecdef2 in 5 lt of water): for periodic degreasing washings of the floors.
– Diluted 1:80-90 parts in water: (1/4 glass in 5 lt of water): for the daily cleaning of treated and washable floor surfaces.

It depends on the concentration of use.


1 litro – 5 litri- 10lt


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