For the extraordinary and ordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces (cotto, stone, cement, ceramic materials, wood, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces).

Concentrated detergent for multifunctional use based on its concentration in water for:
remove old blackened and deteriorated surface layers of wax on already treated surfaces;
an intensive degreasing cleaning on all hard surfaces;
an ordinary cleaning of all surfaces, which does not deteriorate the basic treatment and the material.
UNIPUL is an effective product even at low concentrations of use, has a low foaming, does not leave streaks after use and leaves a pleasant scent in the environment.


The concentration of use depends on the kind of dirt to be removed.
Pure or diluted 1 part of UNIPUL in 1 part of water: to perform extraordinary deep cleaning washes on old wax treatments blackened by the accumulation of dirt and to re-move excess maintenance wax, without completely removing the background treatment. Spread UNIPUL on the floor, leave acting for a few minutes and then rub the surface with medium hard pads. Remove the residue and rinse with water. Then apply a coat of anti-dirt and anti-wear finish of IDROFIN.
Diluted 1 part of UNIPUL in 3 – 5 parts of water: for washing where an energetic de-greasing action is required on very dirty surfaces: car engines, surfaces and stoves, mechan-ical parts, traces of felt-tip pens, wooden floors, etc.
Diluted 30 – 40 cc of UNIPUL in 1 lt of water: for normal dirt in periodic cleaning of un-treated hard surfaces.
Diluted 8-10 cc of UNIPUL in 1 lt of water: for the daily cleaning of treated (and not) floor surfaces, cotto, stone, ceramic materials, klinker, wood, washable walls, plastic surfaces, lacquered and painted surfaces (tables, furniture, fixtures, car interiors, linoleum, sanitary ware, glasses.


Depending on the concentration of use.


1 lt -5 lt -10 lt

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