Cleaner smacchiante nautical and bleach for the teak

intensive cleaner for removal of the patina of aging (graying and residues of algae and molds) of teak exposed outside in the marine environment.


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renews the natural appearance of wood aged in giving a new appearance and preparing the surface for the application of a new protection. Not removes varnish or paint. High biodegradability.


Shake before use. Apply the product with a brush or sponge on the wood wetting abundantly the surface. Keep the wetted surface for 10-20 minutes; if necessary to reapply the product. Brush vigorously with the broom of sorghum or with nylon brush drive in a longitudinal direction with respect to the veins until the wood does not appears clean. Wash thoroughly with fresh water and leave to dry. It is recommended to protect the wood by applying 1-2 hands of King teak.


depending on the absorption of materials.
In the recovery of old wood 1lt / 6 – 8 sqm.
As stain remover 1 lt / 12 – 15 mq


1LT – 5LT


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