Desulphating powder for stone materials

Product for removal of calcium sulphate (calcite) screeds on stone materials.


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For decking on all absorbent stone materials (Cotto, Pietra, Gres, Cement, etc.), even delicate. It dissolves the “dark spots” on the Cotto and the “black crusts” outside on the surfaces of limestone materials in polluted atmospheres. Removes copper oxide residues.


Dilute the powder with water and mix until a paste is made (for a medium thick wrap, dilute one part by weight of powder in two parts of water). Do not use metal containers. Apply the product with a spatula or plastic pallet, taking care to leave a 2-3 mm thick layer of DESOLF4 on the stain to be removed. On too absorbent materials, cover the treated surface with a sealant film. Allow the wipe to dry before removing it with nylon brush or sage. Finally rinse with plenty of water.

On average, 1 kg of prepared dough (corresponding to about 300 grams of powder) covers about 1 square meters of surface.


250 gr – 1 kg.

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