Acid descaling detergent for stones and stone materials

Acid concentrated detergent for the removal of cement grouts, efflorescences and limestone incrustations on stone, porcelain tiles, ceramics and stone materials in general.


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DELICACID is a descaling and limestone remover detergent for all stone materials resistant to acid substances as: stone, clinker, porcelain tiles, glazed ceramic, grit, marble, palladian, cotto and terracotta, cement.


 is an acid detergent with controlled action with minimal environmental and toxicological impact to remove the limestone and descales even the most delicate materials (eg natural stones and grits);

 it can be used for descaling washes after laying, for the removal of cement scale and consistent and tough calcareous deposits;

 can be used for ordinary decalcifying washing of surfaces subject to the deposit of calcareous water;

 can be used for manual and mechanical washing (eg washer-dryers, pressure washers);

 effective in removing limescale and superficial rust deposits;

 does not contain hydrochloric acid;

 does not smoke or develop toxic vapors.

N’utilisez pas DELICACID sur pierres calcaires polies (marbre, travertin, par exemple), ardoise italienne (tableau noir) et sur des agglomérats brillants (grenailles, carreaux de marbre, carreaux de ciment, etc.).


It can be used pure or diluted in water.
-Pure: for descaling washes after laying on cotto;
-Dilute one part of DELICACID in 1 or 2 parts of water: for descaling washes after laying on klinker, ceramic and porcelain tiles
Dilute 250-300cc of DELICACID in 1 liter of water: for descaling washes after laying on stones and cement agglomerates;
Dilute 50-100cc of DELICACID in 1 liter of parts of water: for ordinary decalcifying washing and for removing efflorescence.
Spread the product on the surface and let it act for a few minutes. Rub the surface with pads, discs in plastic fibers or nylon or tynex brush. Repeat the wash if necessary. Always rinse with plenty of water.


• to remove substantial calcareous residues 1 lt /4-6 m²;

• for normal washings 1 lt / 10-15 m²;

• on ceramic materials 1 lt / 20-40 m².


• 1 liter;

• 5 liters;

• 20 liters.


TIM Protective water-repellent and stain-resistant for absorbent stone materials (eg cotto, cement) placed both inside and outside;

ACTIV3 Protective water-repellent and stain-resistant for stone materials with low absorbency (eg stones, granite, marble) placed both inside and outside.

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