Opaque anti-dirt, anti-wear finisher for wood

Finisher for the completion of oil impregnation treatments on wooden surfaces placed inside. It protects and preserves the surface and its initial treatment over time.


BIOTOP OPACO is a low-film anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher with natural effect for wooden surfaces impregnated with oil placed inside: parquet, planks, furniture, tables, beams and wooden structures in general.

  • protects primers impregnating products from the use of time;
  • does not alter the appearance of the material and does not form a thick film on the surface, leaving a good vapor permeability to the material;
  • gives to the material a resin-waxy micro-layer of easy application, which reduces the penetration of dirt and makes surfaces easier and faster to clean;
  • easy maintenance over time with the BIOCARE OPACO maintenance product.



Shake before use.

  • On floors and on large surfaces: apply BIOTOP OPACO with fleece spreader / sponge / soft cloth and distribute a thin and uniform layer of product avoiding excesses. It is sufficient, generally only one coat of BIOTOP OPACO.
  • On furniture, fixtures, wooden structures, etc.: apply the product with absorbent cloth or sponge and distribute a thin and uniform layer of product avoiding excesses.
    It generally dries in 1- 2 hours.



Indicatively 1lt / 30 – 40 m².


1lt – 5lt

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