Anti-slip, anti-stain protection for micro-porous materials

Waterproof invisible protective product for porcelain stoneware surfaces, ceramics, stones and glossy agglomerates. It drastically reduces dirt adhesion by facilitating ordinary cleaning.


Anti-stain anti-stain coating for micro-porous materials such as: porcelain stoneware, ceramics, stones and glittery agglomerates that tend to retain dirt in the microporousness of the surface, making it easy to clean it in regular maintenance (washing) . Shapes on the surface an invisible chemical barrier that does not alter the appearance and color tone of the material; Does not form superficial films. It does not yellow in time and degrades by altering the material.


Shake well before use. Spray small amounts of product on the surface by distributing the surface smoothly with a soft cloth. Any excess product after drying should be removed by rewetting a wet cloth of ANTISPORCO on the surface. The product must be re-applied periodically, even in delimited areas of the floor, depending on the washing and surface roughness (usually 3-6 months).

Normally 1 lt / 40 – 60mq


0,75 litri.

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