Anti dirt, anti stain protective for porcelain tiles materials

Invisible product specific for matt and glossy porcelain tiles floors and walls. It drastically reduces the absorption of dirt, facilitating and speeding up ordinary cleaning.


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ANTISPORCO is a water-based anti stain protective product specific for matt, glossy or lapped porcelain tiles floors and walls.ANTISPORCO:✔ forms an invisible anti stain chemical barrier on the surface, which does not create films and does not alter the appearance and the color tone of the material;✔ protects porcelain tiles and leaks from daily dirt;✔ reduces the absorption of the material, facilitates and speeds up ordinary cleaning;✔ reduces the use of detergents;✔ if applied before the filling of the porcelain tiles floors, avoids that the filler settles in the microporosities of the material, making easier the post-construction cleaning;✔ has a duration of 6/12 months depending on foot traffic and washing and can be easily reapplied.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Apply ANTISPORCO only on clean and dry surfaces.
  3. Spray small amounts of product on the surface and spread evenly with a soft cloth.
  4. The surface dries in about 10/15 minutes and can be walkable.
  5. It achieves the maximum stain protection after approximately 12 hours. During this time, avoid washing the surface with water.
  6. Any excess product after drying should be removed by rubbing a damp ANTISPORCO cloth on the surface.

aproximately 1 lt /40-60 m²


750 ml;• 5 lt.


EUH 210 Safety data sheet available on request.  ss rev3


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