Anti-humidity and stain-resistant protective for stone materials

Protective hydro-oleo-repellent for cotto, stone, marble, granite, cement agglomerate also not very absorbent laid inside and outside. It does not form superficial films and does not alter the appearance of the material.


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ACTIV3 is a protective anti-humidity and stain-resistant for stone materials: cotto, natural stone, marble, granite and cement agglomerates.
✔ can be applied on both internal and external surfaces;

✔ it avoids and contrasts the rising damp (and consequently the formation of salt efflorescence, crusts, patinas, algae, etc.);

✔ drastically reduces water absorption in the material (eg rains, water-soluble substances, cement grouts, etc.);

✔ eliminates or drastically reduces the absorption capacity of the material to greasy substances, colored in general;

✔ facing the cleaning of the absorbent material from dirt and stains;

✔ high chemical inertia and resistance to atmospheric agents and foot traffic;

✔ does no film on the surface and does not alter the appearance of the material;

✔ maintains the original permeability to water vapor, breathable.


the product is used pure, on clean and dry surfaces. It is applied by brush, cloth or fleece spreader, distributing it uniformly on the surface to create a wet “veil”. Plug any excesses during the drying phase. Do not rub strongly to avoid foaming. Any excess product after drying must be removed by massaging the surface with a cloth moistened with ACTIV3. Normally it dries in 3-4 hours depending on the area.
Application types:

 1 coat on not very absorbent stone materials;

 2 coats on absorbent stone materials and placed outside.

The application of the second hand must be done as soon as the first one is dry on the surface. Avoid that the surfaces just treated are exposed to the elements during the drying phase 12-24 hours.


on marble, granite and other low-absorbent materials 1 lt / 15 – 30 m²;

on cotto, stone, grit, cement and other absorbent materials 1lt / 8 – 15 m².


 1 lt;

5 lts.


UNIPUL Detergent for extraordinary and / or ordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces: cotto, stone, cement, ceramic materials, wood, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces;

LUXOR Anti-wear opaque finisher for granites, marbles and grits;

POLIFIN Anti-wear anti-dirt polished finisher for stone materials.


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