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18 June 2016

How do I clean the copper

Due rimedi per lucidare e pulire qualunque oggetto in rame

Today we are used to the batteries of 18/10 stainless steel cookware. But at the time of our grandparents the pots were made of another metal: copper! This metal was not only used to manufacture electrical wiring. Its good thermal conductivity qualities made the copper an excellent material to create pots, spoons and other utensils for the kitchen. With time for, you find that the copper Cookware Renos for food safety. Copper Cookware should be used with caution. Upon contact with the air the copper oxidizes easily and creates a thin veneer of copper oxide, which, in contact with the fire releases harmful particle, if they come in foods, are ingested and are harmful to health. For this very often been highlighted as copper pots should be used very cautiously. The spread of cheap stainless steel copper dishes from the kitchen did disappear. Many for they preserved. Copper pots hanging from the walls are a nice gimmick to give a rustic environment. But how do I clean the copper? How do you get it back to shine? Today we are presenting two methods to clean the copper.

Vinegar and salt, Grandma’s remedy for polishing copper

Maybe you’ve heard of this homemade remedy. As we have said many times on this blog, the Grandma’s remedies are often excellent and cheap also to polish clean the copper our grandmothers had a remedy that was as follows

  • Take some vinegar
  • Take the salt
  • Wipe with a soft cloth on copper surface
  • Rinse
  • Dry well

Simple huh? Grandma’s remedies are very fast and effective but they can have some side effects. Did you know that acidic compounds are among the most important oxidants for copper? In other words, if with this remedy copper polishing, nothing guarantees that the effectiveness is durable. So our advice to get a specific product for the metal.

A remedy for professional cleaning and polishing the copper

Specific products for copper use of drugs called surfactants. These chemicals are designed to remove dirt. They soften the dirt and dissolve it, so that the water can take it away. Polish the copper with these products does not imply any fatigue. Anyone can do it and the results are guaranteed. Don-‘t believe us check out this video Of products for polishing copper and metalsthere are galore. Few to offer the right balance between professionalism and cost. In the video we used the new product called Marbec Metalux. This is a product designed to Polish easily various metals: copper, brass, stainless steel, silver. The process for polishing and cleaning the copper very simple. I summarize below:

  1. Get polishing copper pots and place on a shelf.
  2. Take a soft cloth and pour over a few drops of the product.
  3. Rub very lightly, so as not to scratch the metal.
  4. Gradually you will see a dark patina: the oxide which begins to melt.
  5. Rub over the entire surface, finch all covered.
  6. Rinse everything thoroughly with water.
  7. Dries well. Warning, this very important step: the Pan must be dried to perfection.
  8. Enjoy your shiny copper pots and clean.

Curious to see the result of this treatment? Here he is! First: the opaque stained oxide copper pots.

Pentole in rame ossidate

After: the shiny copper pots and like new. As you can see the steel cover was completely polished.

Esempio di rame pulito e lucidato

Lucidare e pulire il rame è molto semplice

Conclusion. Clean the copper very easy

If you came here, you probably asked “How do I clean the copper?” and “how much difficult to clean copper?”. As you have seen, this is a very simple operation. Takes a few minutes and the result is assured. If you have questions, please write to the email address that you find in contacts. We will answer all your questions!

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