7 January 2019

Treatment of a precious Tuscan cotto

Recovery of cotto surfaces in a beautiful villa in Orte

To start the new year well, we want to tell you about an important treatment made on cotto, a precious material with eternal beauty.

Cotto is a material of undoubted charm that gives a unique warmth to the rooms and it’s a product that is always up-to-date and suitable for both classic furnishing and contemporary design. In fact, this material, with its nuances and its consistency, makes the houses welcoming and at the same time elegant. Let us also say that cotto, thanks to its particular characteristics, with the passage of time acquires charm and becomes even more beautiful! Certainly, to maintain the characteristics it’s very important to take care of the cottowith appropriate professional products and treatments, just like the one carried out by the professionals of the MG company of EMPOLI, specialized in the recovery and treatment of all types of flooring both inside and outside. The talented craftsmen of the MG company have been called, thanks to their experience in the field, to intervene on a prestigious cotto made by Fornace Manetti, smoothed during the work and originally treated with oil.  The Florentine cotto floors and artisan terracottas made by Manetti furnace are materials of highest quality, their construction strictly follows the ancient Imprunetine traditions that have been handed down for eight generations. Thanks to the skill of the artisans and the uniqueness of Galestro clay present in the quarries of the furnace, coatings and artefacts have special characteristics in terms of color, strength and porosity. These unique floorings have been chosen and installed even in places of great prestige such as the Uffizi Museum in Florence, the Hollywood Cinema Museum in Los Angeles and inside the Miami airport, this testifies the versatility of the range of solutions of Manetti furnace. But let’s find out specifically the interesting stages of the treatment of Tuscan cotto, which has regenerated and renewed the original beauty that characterizes the floors of this beautiful villa in Orte, the charming town of Lazio located in the province of Viterbo.

How to treat a cotto floor

The demanding intervention was carried out on a Tuscan cotto flooring inside a villa in Orte (Lazio). Thanks to the ability of the MG company of EMPOLI, all the terracotta floor has been dewaxed, degreased and treated again with oil.

Phases of intervention


As a first step, the talented professionals have carried out a deep washing of the surface, have removed the old treatment and restaurate the original and natural aspect of cotto. The washing was carried out with the help of two specific products: VIACEM andSGRISER. VIACEM is a strong acid descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta surfaces. This product is used to eliminate deeply and perfectly all efflorescences, residues of laying, paints. Compared to the muriatic acid it gives off much less corrosive fumes, so it does not risk ruining the cotto surface. Before use, it is advisable to perform a test on the material to check the strength of the product. VIACEM can be applied on the surface:

  • pure on encrustations, calcareous deposits and cement residues;
  • diluted in an equal part of water for washing where a normal descaling action is necessary and in the neutralization of previous alkaline washings.

SGRISER: strong alkaline-solvent detergent, suitable for degreasing and deep de-scaling washings of stone materials. This product is also excellent for cleaning out the blackened joints from the accumulation of dirt in ceramic surfaces.

Protective treatment

Once the washing is finished, the entire surface has been treated with BRIGHTSTONE: a stain-resistant protective impregnation, specific for low absorption stones such as grits and polished terracotta. BRIGHTSTONE also gives the surfaces a toned effect. Finally, to protect the flooring from wear and dirt, IDROFIN MATT, an opaque finisher which does not alter the appearance of the material and does not form a film on the surface, has been applied to the terracotta.

At the end of the treatment on cotto, the result was surprising. The recovery and renewal of the material has made the pleasantness of the entire floor shine with new light!

The company executing the work:
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