15 April 2017

Anti-slip floor treatment

Come rendere più sicuri pavimenti e superfici esterni ed interni

In this article we talk about how to make a non-slip treatment on floors, stairs, swimming pool surrounds, stone, porcelain and ceramic products, make them more secure.

When it comes to flooring a key issue, especially if it’s public or commercial structures, but also in their own homes, to pay close attention to safety. Sometimes, in fact, some materials can be a bit slippery, especially at times when the wet surface and well take care! null Let us start then with the present specific product for this type of treatment:GRIPPER.

What is Dit?

GRIPPERon specific product Marbec to anti-slip floor treatment. This professional product creates on the surface of the material a microporosit that dramatically reduces slipping of the surface wet.

What types of surfaces suitable?

null GRIPPER can be used on all materials containing silicates such as granite, stoneware, glazed ceramics, and suitable for both internal and external to the surfaces. This professional product makes it slip floors shiny and smooth slipping them threatening when they are wet. important to note that the brightness and color of the treated surfaces can suffer variations.

How do I use Gripper?

Gripper a gi product ready for use. To use it must remove any protective layers such as waxes, polymers, fillers. Evenly wet the surface spreading GRIPPER with a sponge or fleece. We advise you to proceed on pavement well delimited areas avoiding partial and double cos overlaps. The reaction time of the product depending on the desired effect and the type of material (usually 10-15 minutes). During this time, the product must not dry out. Once the response time, we proceed to the neutralization of GRIPPER with a 1:10 solution to SGRISER (1 lt of SGRISER in 10 l of water). Finally, rinse with plenty of water. TREATMENT SCHEME null Have questions about cleaning and surface treatment? Leave us a comment, our experts will answer you!

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