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13 May 2016

Treatment for an old terracotta flooring

Ottenere dei risultati strabilianti sui pavimenti in cotto antico è molto semplice. Scopri cosa è stato fatto su questo pavimento e ridai vita al tuo pavimento in cotto antico.

A hand-made terracotta floor forever …

… or almost. Seriously, who can get their hands on an antique tile floor won’t let some get away typical products of tuscan handicrafts world famous terracotta di impruneta the cooked one those materials used since antiquity not surprisingly best when made by hand needless to say handmade cotto cost so much yield for unmatched both in terms wear resistance aesthetics. Why biodynamic farmhouse winery owners beyond the river of Marzabotto recovered an antique tile floor and have it installed in your facility. A floor like this goes to clean and treated. To clean this recovery terracotta floor holders have decided to rely on professional cleaning company “Erick” of Marzabotto. The results you can see you too: the glossy surface, a nice bright red. No one would say that this is a terracotta flooring of recovery treated? You also a floor cos? Read on! Pavimento in cotto antico restaurato

Nice! new? No! Treated with MARBEC

The results obtained by the company “Wilson” are textbook. The floor area was protected and enhanced through theuse of specific products for terracotta. As we have often said in these pages, the treatments must be carried out by experts. A good professional knows also what products to use to enhance a tiled floor. Let’s see how they worked the technicians of company wilson.

After installation, a pre-protection against moisture

The installation follows the creation of the joints. The grout or mortar used in these cases contain water, which, combined with the natural humidity present in the soil, could pop out efflorescence that a viral on the floor. Can you imagine a newly stained floor after installation? Best avoided. For this better to moisture protection treatment for cotto. There are generic products. But technicians who have spoken have not risked ruining the floor, and they selected a specific product like IDROWIP of MARBEC. IDROWIP designed to protect absorbent materials. It seals the pores and prevents the mixture of mortar or Grout favours the appearance of stains on the floor. Pavimento in cotto restaurato

Scale remover to remove cement stains from terracotta

Once filled, the floor must be clean from stains of cement, lime or limestone. You know, when you at a construction site is not very clean. Remove stains from a brick floor easy. The company “Erick” used in this case VIACEM, a product for treating acid based descaler for cotto. VIACEM can be used on all types of brick, limestone and removes stains quickly.

Long live the old terracotta tiles with a rough surface treatment

Before she could say finished, an antique tile floor needs finishing treatment. This step serves to protect the cotto antico from aggression. null In the case of floors subjected to great stress, a treatment done defensively very important. Than a private home, the floor of a structure subjected to a stress higher. The comings and goings of guests, daily cleaning, staining liquids such as wine and olive oil makes it very important that you perform a full protective treatment. Cosmetic reasons then, require that the floor is also a uniform color and natural. To achieve these results on this floor was made a specific treatment for rough floors. These products were used:

An operation cos studied all terracotta protect staining agents. Maintenance will be very easy: cotto assorbir staining substances, which will be immediately removed. Finally, the reddish hue of the earthenware will acquire valued, brilliance and make it look like the newly manufactured tiles. Quite an achievement no?

Summary sheet on the treatment

Type of intervention

Comprehensive treatment of an antique handmade terracotta tiles for indoors

The company that performed the surgery

Cleaning company “Erick” Viale Kennedy 11 40052-Bazzano (BO) Google + Profile

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