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13 July 2016

Anti-limescale treatment for shower cubicle

Come togliere il calcare dal vetro della doccia con un anticalcare professionale e impedire che si riformi

Among the questions that our visitors most often put us there as follows: because my shower getting dirty with limestone? How do I Remove limescale from shower? You can advise us of descaler for shower? To answer these questions on how to remove limescale from shower we created this article. We must say the cruel truth: there are no magic recipes. To Remove limescale from shower glass permanently you need to work hard. Well, not really cos. An ingredient exists. Everybody have a little at home, too. Are you curious about what? I say at once, we at Marbec we don’t have secrets. You call elbow grease!

Un vetro della doccia sporco di incrostazioni di calcare

Ahaha, seriously, what we told the truth. If you don’t use a descaling treatment effective, the only way to remove limescale from shower scrub and dry thoroughly. Too long and tiring. We know that you need real help. For this we investigated what it does for you. A product that not only eliminates the limestone -this do the usual descaler-but keeps him from reforming itself. Want to know more? Continue reading!

What scale and because it forms?

If you are on this page you have an idea of what it is limestone. Or at least, of just how unpleasant to see the shower or bathroom fixtures encrusted with limescale. Opaque glasses and surfaces and, as much as you rub it, no way to make them sparkle. Actually a solution there but does not depend on rub. The limestone is formed due to evaporation of water. Mineral substances which are dissolved does not evaporate but remain on the surface. For most limestone formed from calcium and magnesium. Depending on how much calcium and magnesium are dissolved in the water, this can be more or less calcareous or, as they say in slang, more or less “harsh”. The hardness of the water the way you indicate the quantity of dissolved mineral salts in the water.

Una doccia bagnata: preludio alla formazione del calcare

Want to know how long does the water coming from your tap? Use this online application to measure the water hardness. These minerals are joined by organic materials and SOAP residues: these are the ingredients that make up the organic patina against whom we fight.

How to make an anti-limescale treatment in the shower stall

then came forward to Remove limescale from shower. To do so permanently, we mean. time to make an anti-limescale treatment! To do this the product to be used must be professional. Products like this: SHOWER BRILL. Professional descalerShower Brill effective because based on citric acid. Citric acid a naturally occurring substance. Located in 5-7% in concentrations between the lemons. Being an acid descaling action: the main component that ensures the descaling of Shower action Brill. Removing scale just the beginning: we aim to prevent limescale build up again. We thought of that. Shower Brill creates a protective film that prevents minerals to take root on the surface of the shower enclosure. This causes the crystals and the surfaces of your shower will be very easy to clean.

Donna che pulisce il box della doccia

But How to use the product? Nothing more simple. First, a caveat: as we said Shower Brill based on citric acid. true that it is a natural substance, but still an acid. This means that the product aggredir all kinds of limestone. You must be very careful not to use it on limestone as marbles, travertines, slate or grits. Instead you can use it on glass and Crystal of the shower stall, on health care and on ceramics, stainless metal or plastic. The steps to follow to follow the anti-limescale treatment on the shower stall are these:

  1. The product must be used pure. No need to dilute it.
  2. Sprinkles Shower Brill on the surfaces of your shower.
  3. Let sit a few minutes. Without rubbing the product acts alone.
  4. Rinse the surface with clean water.

This all! You don’t have to rub n dry. Descale sar simple!

Una doccia perfettamente pulita dopo il trattamento anticalcare

You can use Shower Brill for a periodic descaling treatment. In that case you have to follow the same steps described so far: spray on the surface still wet, for example after taking a shower. Let the product Act for a few minutes and then rinse off the product, without rubbing n dry. If you still have any doubts about the process and the outcome, we made a video. As you can see, the anti-limescale treatment for very simple shower cabin with Shower Brill: One last piece of advice. If you’ve neglected a long time deposits, likely your shower stall has build up pi. In this case, a good anti-Calc descaling treatment health plans to step in with how Healthy Kal. You made this treatment and want to tell us your opinion? You have to clean a surface but not sure how? Send us an email: we at Marbec we can’t wait to help.

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