22 April 2017

Treat the glass with nanotechnology products

Sapevate che è possibile risparmiare sulla pulizia dei vetri utilizzando prodotti innovativi e specifici?

You ever try and try again to clean Windows and mirrors without being able to obtain a satisfactory result? Well, if you are not the only ones! The glass is very easy to clean without leaving marks or signs, but fortunately technology coming in against … even in this case, nanotechnology!

Learn about nanotechnology?

First question: have you already heard about nanotechnology? The nanotechnology science able to manipulate and organize the small elements of matter. This means that today science allows us to control matter! In this case the nano particles are arranged on the surface by forming an invisible protective barrier. The result? The surface of materials will be protected from external contamination for a long time.

What are the benefits of using nanotechnology products?

Protecting the glass with nanotechnology products, you’ll soon realize how pi quick and clean with excellent results! Another aspect of no less importance, especially when it comes to large areas like shop fronts and glass palaces, concerns the cleaning and maintenance costs since the ability to grab hold of the dirt decreases dramatically. For example, if a vetrtina is cleaned 4 times a month, the same glass treated cleaning 2 times a month in half the time than untreated.

NANO GLASS LUX on nano-technology protective dirt cover for glass and mirrors

NANO GLASS LUX on nano-technology protective Marbec which facilitates the removal of dirt without need to agitate. GI ready to use and apply directly on the surface with a pump that sprays the liquid. The product must be sprayed onto a small area of the surface to be treated and immediately after you rilucida the glass with a soft cloth. Any residue or shading you remove with cloth dampened with NANO GLASS LUX. The product dries in minutes while complete hardening 24 hours after you have 20 C. This creates a thick layer of chemically and mechanically resistant and very effective protection. NANO GLASS LUX resistant to washing even with pressure washer, high temperatures and frost. Would you like more information about this product? Leave us a comment, our experts will answer you!

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